Texas ScareGrounds

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Texas Scaregrounds

Texas Scaregrounds
Nazareth Hospital
314 NW 4th St
Mineral Wells, Tx

Join Ghost Hunters’ Mustafa Gatollari and Kristen Luman for a Fright to Remember at the Beach Army Hospital in Mineral Wells on January 22nd & at the Haunted Nazareth Hospital & Sanatorium in Mineral Wells, Texas on Saturday, January 23rd.

8pm to 1am
$70 per person for each event OR
Purchase a combo Pass to both locations for $125

The event will include:
*Autographed Photo
*Photo Opps
*Q & A
*Investigation with Mustafa & Kristen
  *Beverages & Light Snacks

Tickets are capped!
First come, first served!

So get your tickets now.

817-819-6773 for
more info/questions

Mustafa Gatollari:
Is the paranormal historian and site analyst of the “Ghost Hunters” team. For the last 10 years, he has investigated alongside his New Jersey-based team, emphasizing the value of sincerity and legitimacy in his hunts. Mustafa has over 80 investigations under his belt. Although his focus is investigating private homes and helping ordinary people, he has also delved into everything from abandoned factories and shopping centers to a parking garage in Eastern Europe that had been built over a mass gravesite.

As a writer, Mustafa likes to approach an investigation the way an investigative journalist might approach a story – he not only enjoys conducting interviews with witnesses and digging into a property’s public records, but he’s also skilled in uncovering information quickly, which is an asset in any investigation under a tight schedule.

Practicing hypnotherapist Kristen Luman is co-lead investigator and a paranormal researcher on the “Ghost Hunters” team. She has brought her expertise in both the human mind and the paranormal to over 100 investigations in the past decade.

Kristen Luman:
Her work as a hypnotherapist and her knowledge of parapsychology is invaluable when interviewing witnesses who believe they’ve experienced something supernatural. That skillset also means Kristen is usually the most skeptical investigator on any team she joins.

What will they discover about the Beach Army Hospital at Ft. Wolters and at Nazareth Hospital and Sanatorium?

A Fright to Remember

**Due to the capped ticket capacity, refunds cannot be given for this event after purchase.

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